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Frontier Community ServicesFor most of us choosing where we want to live and work is relatively easy, but for many adults experiencing mental illness it is a much more difficult task, couple that with a developmental disability or brain injury and the task is overwhelming.The nature of the person's illness and disability can make it difficult for him/her to find and maintain employment, secure housing and manage basic life skills like making a budget, filling out paper work and keeping appointments. Frontier Community Services (FCS) provides services for these folks that will help them be successful.
  Green Square Intake Assessment

Frontier Community ServicesJust like when you go to see a doctor for the first time, the doctor has to figure out what your problem is. Mental health services have to do the same thing, so our clinician will sit down with you and/or your family member and assess your mental health status. Once he has established your problem then he will work with you and/or your family to develop a treatment plan which might include any of the following.

  Green Square Case Management

Frontier Community ServicesCase management helps to coordinate services and other resources needed to complete the plan made during the intake assessment. This can include assistance in making and keeping appointments, transportation, guidance in completing various forms, paying bills, and obtaining other community services.

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  Green Square Individual Skill Development

Frontier Community ServicesMany times we could do something for ourselves if someone would just show us how to do it. Individual skill development provides for just that. The goal of this service is to help you develop the skills you need to become more independent and self sufficient. Often times these skills are best taught in a group environment, in family setting, or in the individual's home environment.

  Green Square Crisis Intervention

Frontier Community ServicesCrisis intervention is not for medical or life threatening emergencies, and is not a substitute for a 911 emergency call. But when there is non life-threatening emotional or psychological distress or panic, a call can be made at any time on any day to the FCS crisis response specialist, who will come to the scene and assist with safely assisting in a crisis resolution.



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  Green Square Recipient Support Services

Frontier Community ServicesThese services allow for agency staff to provide extended or more intensive individualized attention to individuals who would benefit from it. Sometimes a person may need additional support to help them get through or recover from a difficult time or experience. This additional support provides for their safety and well-being until they feel better and more secure.

  Green Square Individual Therapy

Frontier Community ServicesThis is a time for clients to sort out problematic thoughts, feelings or behaviors. Clients learn how to solve problems and direct their lives to achieve the satisfaction and happiness they desire. Group or family therapy can be a good means for achieving those same goals when family members or others with similar issues meet together.

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For more information about these services please call 262-6331 and ask to speak with the mental health clinician.