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Valdez, AlaskaSince the late 1990's Frontier Community Services (FCS) has been providing services for individuals with developmental disabilities living in the Valdez area. The services available in Valdez are listed below.

  Green Square Medicaid Home and Community Based
Waiver Services

Frontier Community ServicesThese are services available to individuals of all ages that meet certain criteria. First off you must be Medicaid eligible and need services that would normally be found in an "institution" such as nursing home or extended care center. The types of services that are offered are dependent upon the type of waiver you qualify for. Currently in Valdez the only waiver services we are able to provide are through the Mental Retardation & Development Disabilities (MRDD) waiver program.

  Green Square Assisted Living Homes

Frontier Community ServicesThere may come a time when you can no longer safely take care of the person in his home or even in your home for any number of reasons. At the same time a nursing home or an extended care center isn't called for either. This is where one of FCS' adult assisted living homes comes in. Our homes are just that, homes in regular neighborhoods. They are small (five people at the max living in the home) comfortable houses that the people living there make their own. Specially trained staff are in the home 24/7 to care for the people living there.

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  Green Square Nursing

Frontier Community ServicesSome folks with a developmental disability and a medical condition need the services of a nurse to maintain their health. A nurse can come to your home and assist with medical procedures and train the family and care givers regarding the health care of the person.

  Green Square

Supported Employment

Frontier Community Services

At some point in our lives getting a job is normal. For people with a disability this can be challenging. This service focuses on helping the person develop employment skills, find employment and, once employed, helping them maintain that employment.

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  Green Square Day Habilitation

Frontier Community ServicesWe all need to get out of the house and take part in things going on in our community. This service is meant to get your loved one out of the house and involved in social activities. Staff would help with social skills, establish what the person likes to do and then works with your loved one to help them be successful at it.



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